Good and Bad Touch Workshop

Good And Bad Touch Workshop

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Course Description

Empowering Educators with Good Touch Bad Touch Workshops

As educators, ensuring the safety and well-being of our students is paramount. Our Good Touch, Bad Touch Workshops equip teachers with the knowledge and tools to create safe learning environments and confidently address sensitive topics.

Creating a safe and nurturing learning environment is vital for the well-being of students. Our Good Touch, Bad Touch Workshops empower educators with the skills to recognise signs of inappropriate behaviour, initiate conversations about personal boundaries, and foster open dialogues about sensitive topics.

Why Choose Our Good Touch Bad Touch Workshops?

Expert Guidance:

Our workshops are led by experienced trainers specialising in child safety and psychology.

Sensitive Approach:

Learn how to address sensitive topics with empathy and create an atmosphere of trust.

Student Safety:

Gain tools to identify signs of inappropriate behaviour and take appropriate actions to ensure student safety.

Effective Communication:

Develop effective communication strategies to engage students in conversations about personal boundaries.

Prevention Techniques:

Explore preventive measures to minimise the risk of inappropriate behaviour and create a safer environment.

Workshop Highlights

Understanding Boundaries:

Learn how to teach students about personal boundaries and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch.

Open Discussions:

Discover techniques to encourage open discussions with students about sensitive topics in a comfortable setting.

Signs of Concern:

 Understand the signs that may indicate a student is experiencing inappropriate behaviour and how to intervene.

Reporting Procedures:

Gain insights into reporting procedures and protocols for addressing concerns with appropriate authorities.

Certificate of Completion:

Receive a certificate of completion to showcase your commitment to creating a safe learning environment.

Empowering Educators for Safer Schools:

Our Good Touch Bad Touch Workshops go beyond traditional education, providing educators with the skills to become advocates for student safety. By equipping teachers with these crucial tools, we empower them to contribute to the holistic well-being of their students.

Take a Stand for Student Safety:

Enroll in our Good Touch Bad Touch Workshops and become a strong advocate for student safety and well-being.


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