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school development planThe School development plan is a detailed strategic plan for school improvement.  The school development plan consists of six main elements: CPD, continuous professional development, TS, teaching standards, PM, performance management, DDP, department development plans, DSEF, department self-evaluation framework, and SDP school development plan.

The school development plan brings school priorities in detail yet in a simple way.  The school development plan (SDP) is like a jigsaw puzzle where every element has its place.  Each component must have its success criteria which are communicated to the team involved.

It is every school responsibility to provide the best and enjoyable learning atmosphere to the students.  The school also have an obligation to its teaching and other staff. 

The school management is responsible for its improvement, and they will not be able to achieve this unless the specialist looks at their matters.   

Right Vision Academy, school specialist have years of experience in school development.  Our school specialist will look at your school and the challenges and provide you with practical and straightforward solutions which will boost your school enrollments

COVID-19 has brought lots of challenges in the education industries that has affected school management, teachers, parents and mostly the students.   In this challenging time, Right Vision Academy has been working and providing its specialist services in hard to reach areas of Pakistan and AJK.

In December 2020, Right Vision Academy celebrated its graduation ceremony at AJ&K. Please visit our project page to see our work.  In 2021 Right Vision Academy delivers their teacher training to PSRD School Lahore Pakistan and Dare to Care Bagh, AJ&K. Both these schools are Special Education School.

Right Vision academy has developed three packages for a school development plan that will help schools owners and principals implement in their schools and improve their school enrollment.

Our highly qualified UK trainer and Right Vision Academy Certified Master Trainer deliver these course. CPD group UK has accredited Right Vision Academy Courses

Our teaching is philosophy is simple; we teach according to the need of teachers.  Once they have completed their programme, they have all tools to become an effective classroom instructor in any context of education, coaching centre, school, home tuition.

Bronze Package


Initial Consultancy via Zoom or WhatsApp

School Visit

Interview with School Owner/Principal

Interview with School Seniour Leadership Team

Training Need Assessment

Comperhensive Report on the Finding

Introductory Introductory Price

Silver Package


Every thing in the Bronze Package PLUS

Interview with Pupils

Teacher Training Diploma

1 Lesson Observation of every teacher

Feedback and target setting

Follow up School Visit

Introductory Introductory Price

Gold Package


Every thing in the Bronze and Sliver Package PLUS

3 School Visits

Senior Management Training

Special Education Training

School Policies  and School Setup

PTM Training

Introductory Introductory Price

Just to name a few
Dare to care
karachi city public
Muhammad Ali
Muslim hands
sir syedan



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Commited to Excellence
Anna Scott
Anna Scott
Mentor, Hullar Boys School AJ&K
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اگر اس کورس کو پورے پاکستان میں لازمی کر دیا جائے تمام اساتذہ اس کو سیکھ کر سکولوں میں اس کے مطابق پڑھاہیں تو ہم ترقی کر سکتے ہیں
Sheryar Ali
Sheryar Ali
Mentor, Hullar Boys School, AJ&K
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Thank you so much Right Vision Academy and specially respected Sir Asjad Sheikh your approach was creative. It was great training and learning for me. Now, I am on a track of clear objectives only because of you. You have been so helpful in my professional life.
Akhlaq Ahmed
Akhlaq Ahmed
Mentor, Hullar Boys School, AJ&K
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It is the world’s best and latest teaching and Mentor’s training program I have ever gotten. The way of explaining the topic was really very impressive and to the point
Kinza Gardazi
Kinza Gardazi
Mentor, Sir Syedan School, AJ&K
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I found Sir Asjad and Ma’am exceptionally soft spoken, they appreciate even our little achievement. Both have very unique style of training, their questioning technique make other people to think deeply into the matters, which develops critical thinking, and this prove how important critical thinking is. As a teacher I have learn this style of questioning and I believe it will help me bring in critical think in my class.
Mentor, Muslim Hands School, AJ&K
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As a trainer Sir Asjad was very helpful and effective for our learning. He tackle our Questions in a very good way . His delivering method was very effective.
Saba Javed
Saba Javed
Teacher, HSJA School, Karachi
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Dear Ma’am Farida and Sir Asjad, I attended the workshops on “Assessment Marking” and “21st-century skills Mentor Training”. I found them informative, interactive and fruitful. Both of you are down to earth although having so much experience, knowledge and expertise. I am looking forward to getting benefited with your expertise. It is undoubtedly going to help me in my career development.
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