Your students deserve an outstanding education

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Right Vision Teacher Training Academy, a school specialist has years of school development experience. Our school specialist will look at your school and the challenges and provide you with practical and straightforward solutions which will boost your school enrollment


Your students deserve an outstanding education

School Development Plan

The School development plan is a detailed strategic plan for school improvement. The school development plan consists of six main elements: CPD, continuous professional development, TS, teaching standards, PM, performance
management, DDP, department development plans, DSEF, department self-evaluation framework, and SDP school development plan.

The school development plan brings school priorities in detail yet in a simple way. The school development plan (SDP) is like a jigsaw puzzle where every element has its place. Each component must have its success criteria which are
communicated to the team involved.

The New Era Learning conducted a comprehensive survey in Pakistan and AJ&K in 2020.

The New Era Learning Survey 2020

This survey was conducted in over 2000 public and private schools. Over 5320 school owners, principals, and educators have presented 20 questions. The disappointing results showed that due to lack of education direction and lack of understanding of stakeholders responsibilities, students learning are of poor quality—students forced to do a rout learning.


Challenges highlighted by School Owners/Principals, and Educators

Our School Solutions Packages

Develop by the national and international school specialists according to the needs of Pakistan and AJ&K schools, teachers, students, and parents


Bronze Package Benefits

Introductory Price Rs: 99,999/=

Silver Package Benefits

Introductory Price Rs: 199,999/=


Gold Package Benefits

Introductory Price Rs: 349,999/=




Rs: 99,999/=

  • Initial Consultancy via Zoom or WhatsApp
  • School Visit
  • Training Need Assessment and Focus Group
  • Comprehensive Report on the Finding


Rs: 349,999/=

  • Every thing in the Bronze and Sliver Package PLUS
  • PTM Training
  • 3 School Visits
  • School Owner/Principals, and Senior Management Training
  • School Policies and School Setup According to UK Standards
  • Special Education Diploma.
  • Teach According to UK Standards
  • How to make your school from Good to great
  • 5 page school website (Domain and Hosting not included)


Rs: 199,999/=

  • Use Every thing in the Bronze Package
  • Interview with Pupils and non-educational staff
  • 1 Lesson Observation of every teacher
  • Feedback and target setting
  • Follow up School Visit
  • Right Vision UK 21st Century Teacher Training Diploma

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