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school registration fromThe school Registration Form will help us to get some basic information about your school.   Please note field with a blue star is mandatory. Therefore, it would be best to fill these fields; otherwise, you will not submit your student registration form.

If you need any further assistance in completing your school registration form, you can contact us by sending us an email via our contact us page, or you can call us via our WhatsApp no from our contact us page.

Once we have received your school registration form, we will contact you via WhatsApp and discuss the challenges you are having regarding your school 

Right Vision Academy school specialist will conduct this consultation. Who is fluent in English, Urdu and Punjabi language.  They will also request you to submit your educational certificate via WhatsApp.

If you are interested in our teacher training courses please visit our courses page and select from our wide range of courses and discuss with our staff.

The CPD group of UK has accredited all the Right Vision Courses.  You can start your course with the confidence that you will get world recognised qualification

Thank you

School Registration

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