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Over the years, we have worked in the remote areas of Pakistan and AJ&K, delivering high-quality teacher training to both schools and individual educators.  Our work in the COVID-19 was appreciated by the World Greatness University and was awarded the Global award in 2020

21st century
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CPD Teacher Training courses of Right Vision Academy are UK accredited. These courses are tailor-made for Pakistani and AJK teachers.

Our UK team, who have extensive knowledge in teaching and learning and are specialists in their field, have developed these courses.

We have short courses for teachers who cannot commit long; however, they are looking to enhance their teaching skills.

Our certificate and diploma course is in-depth which covers every aspect from the foundation of teaching to 21st-century teaching methodologies and strategies

Our highly qualified UK trainer and Right Vision Teacher Training Academy Certified Master Trainer deliver these courses. All CPD Group UK accredits the New Era Learning courses

Our teaching is philosophy is simple; we teach according to the need of teachers. Once they have completed their
programme, they have all tools to become an effective classroom instructor in any context of education, coaching center, school, home tuition.

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21st century

Diploma Course

21st Century Teacher Training

This course has focused on the ideological, philosophical, psychological, socio-economic, and historical foundation of education. The major focus is on training teachers, new and current, to embrace new pedagogy and methodologies in their classrooms

Was Rs: 179,999/=

Sale Price Rs: 34,999/=


Diploma Course

Professional Development

 We have combined five different courses to make this advanced Diploma. This is suitable for individuals who are working in leadership roles. Through this course you will learn 21st century employable skills

Was Rs: 89,999/=

Sale Price Rs: 14,999/=

coaching mentoring and leadership

Certificate Course

Child Behaviour

This Child Behaviour course from Right Vision Academy will give the teachers insight into what causes child behaviour issues in students.
leffective esson planning

Lesson Planning

Effective lesson planning needs three vital elements, which are lesson objectives, main lesson body and the reflection on the lesson. There are
good teacher

What Makes A Good Teacher

Becoming a Good Teacher must be the ultimate goal of every educator. Numbers of research and studies have reflected that the quality
child safeguarding

Child Safeguarding

Child protection and safeguarding deals in protecting children from abuse or harm. All individuals or organisations who work with
goal setting


Goal setting is the foundation of anyone success. There are many types of goals, financial, Medical, etc. The question is, should
professional CV

Professional CV & Interview skills

Learn How To Write A Powerful CV. One That Sells YOU And Gets You The Job!


Effective classroom management is when the educator demonstrates overall control in their classroom. Implementing effective classroom
assessment for learning

Assessment for Learning

Assessment for learning is an activity that provides information that can which teacher can use as feedback. Their pupils assess themselves
growth mindset

Developing A Growth Mindset

A growth mindset for teachers is as vital as for students. Carol Dweck is a professor at Standford University and an author of
effective use of ict

Effective Use of ICT

Effective use of ICT has become a vital part of everyone daily life. Effective use of ICT saves time and increase productivity.
Time management

Time Management

Time Management in teaching, just like other industry is vital. Effective teachers Time Management create a path in

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